High security uPVC Doors

Features of our Composite Door

PVC Doors are manufacture using the Liniar 70mm Lead Free Sculptured System.

All our uPVC doors and french doors come with the following as standard:

  • SFS Dynamic 2D Door Hinges
  • Secured by Design Lock
  • 10 Point Locking as Standard
  • 3 Hook Locking Points with 2 Anti Lift Bolts & 4 Roller cams plus Latch
  • Fab & Fix Door Furniture
  • Multiple Colour Combinations

SFS Dynamic 2D Door Hinges

SFS Dynamic 2D hinges are fitted as standard on all our PVC Doors. These are available in White. Gold & Chrome. The slim nature of the steel bodied Dynamic hinge, enables door opening widths to be maximised, without the need for add on profiles.  Not necessarily only useful for disabled access, but generally for moving furniture in and out of properties. The hinge is Secured by Design registered meaning it is robust, durable and secure. The hinge is truly a fit and forget product with excellent long term operational reliability eliminating costly service calls.

Security & Locks

10 point locking is standard on our PVC Doors. 2 Hook locking points with 2 Anti Lift Bolts, 4 Roller cams with centre hook locking point and latch locking point makes this lock very secure. The lock is Secured by Design registered and comes complete with split spindle facility as standard to enable you to use a Lever/Lever handle or Lever/Pad Offset handle without changing the lock.

Our French doors come complete with 10 point Hooklock as standard and Shootbolts fitted top and bottom on both the main lock to Main Door and Slave Door. All French doors are fitted with Handles to both doors as standard for ease of operation.


Part M Compliant Aluminium thresholds are available in Hardex Chrome and Hardex Gold finish to match the hardware.

Door Furniture

All pvc doors are fitted with Fab & Fix furniture as standard. The Fab & Fix ‘Hardex’ finish is extremely resilient. The electro colour finishes are applied to every part of the elegant and conventionally styled furniture range. Colours available are White, Hardex Chrome, Hardex Gold, Satin Chrome & Black. Stylish Urn Knockers and Numerals are available to enhance the doors looks.

Colour Options

Standard Colours available on our one week lead time are White, Rosewood, Light Oak, Rosewood on White & Light Oak On White. Customers can now choose from 7 different coloured options on our 2 week delivery time which are Cream, Cream Foiled on White, 7016 Grey on White, Black Brown on White, Black Brown both sides, Irish Oak Both sides and Chartwell Green on White.

Frame Colours

Liniar Foam Trims

Liniar foam trims are designed and manufactured at the same UK extrusion facility as its range of windows, doors and roofs – using the same high quality manufacturing processes and materials.

Not only are Liniar foam trims made from the same 100% lead-free uPVC, the foiled woodgrain finishes are factory fitted in-house and therefore match our other products perfectly.

All types and sizes of Liniar foam trim are available in plain white or plain cream profile, together with nine foiled finishes from stock.

Offering the same 10-year guarantee as the rest of the window range, and are available in the below types and sizes.

Colour Samples

  • 1. D Mould foam trim – 24mm
  • 2. Cloak foam trim – 18mm
  • 3. Cloak foam trim – 28mm
  • 4. Chamfered foam bead – 18mm
  • 5. Foam quadrant trim – 13.5mm
  • 6. Foam quadrant trim – 18.5mm
  • 7. Adjustable angle – 50mm & 75mm
  • 8. Foam architrave – 45mm x 6mm, 65mm x 6mm & 95mm x 6mm

Colour Samples

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